Temporary rental reality motivates me to own Air Conditioning again

This whole process of selling our rustic family cabin as well as entering a new chapter in this life has been nothing short of exhilarating as well as tiring, however at last my superb friend James and I are living in a rented cabin that is maybe a third of the space that my superb friend and I occupied in our old family home.

But that was entirely by design.

However, I’m not at all content with the quality heating as well as air or lack thereof. I assume that I conveniently forgot just how unreliable as well as inconsistent a residential Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit inside a beach house can be. This was just the same way when I was a young person just out of school as well as had our first apartment. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning in our cabin is pretty much breaking down all the time. And I have yet to see an Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional out here actually repairing anything. Instead, when I call the rental office to complain that there is no more air conditioner once more, I get the same handyman knocking on the door. I am not calling this dude over because all he has doing is doing his task. But it’s never actually fixed. I even called the rental office itself as well as provided to have the Heating as well as Air Conditioning techs come out here as well as I would pay the difference. But they weren’t biting as well as pretty much forbid me to do it on my own. So I assume after all the frustration as well as energy expended to get moved into this very small space comes with a speed bump. I was hoping to just relax for a year or so at least. But with a central Heating as well as Air Conditioning situation as it is, our partner James as well as I are just super motivated to find our cabin for the future a whole lot sooner.

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