New A/C installed on the roof of a resort

Over the weekend, I was driving back apartment from the grocery store plus observed a big crane hovering something absolutely big over a hotel nearby.

After sitting at the traffic light for a few moments, I realized what it was.

I remember hearing that the resort nearby had suffered lightning harm over the holiday weekend. A big lightning storm came through plus harmd the A/C units on the roof of the resort. I study on the news that there was over $100,000 in harm done to the resorts air conditioner. Not to mention, without air conditioner, the resort had to refund the guests their cash in order to be in compliance with their contract. I watched in awe as the crane lifted the A/C units 10 stories plus seamlessly venued the new A/C units on the roof. The replacement would take multiple weeks plus the resort would not be able to host their guests until the job was complete. The new A/C units were able to be installed in less time than they thought, allowing the resort to book guests for a stressed upcoming holiday. The owners of the resort did not know that lightning could be so detrimental to their business. They took extra precaution with adding protection from the lightning strikes in order to avoid another mishap like this. They are fortunate that the harm took venue in the off-season or they could have faced an even greater loss in supplier plus possibly had to close the resort down for good.

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