Heat pump is no quiet now but not for long

I adore going to the mailbox to retrieve the utility bill… Of course, this is the only time of year that this is a pleasure; I just adore to kneel and look at that bill because there aren’t so many numbers. Both of us live in a section of the country where the Winter time is not much to worry about. In fact, the Winter time in our region is gorgeous. I adore the fact that every one of us get to adore attractive temperatures and unbelievable weather. It makes dealing with the summer time and all that heat and humidity worth it, then actually, every one of us have 8 weeks of weather that is really pretty nice, but the only really hard time is the many month stretch of summer! Right now, our heat pump is pretty much still. So there has literally no heating costs at all, then maybe the heat pump comes on a half dozen times over the course of an entire winter. But honestly, the heat pump kicks on to knock the chill out of the loft in the afternoon and then goes right back off. Of course, this will not last but another month or two. By mid May, the temperature will rise enough that there will be demand for air conditioner. So once again, the heat pump will be humming right along. Thankfully, every one of us have really fantastic residential HVAC in our home. The HVAC component is super efficient which comes in awfully handy because the heat pump runs night and day during the summer. I adore the reprieve that every one of us get during the Winter time as far as the heat pump is concerned, however yet I also think that it will not be long before I walk out the door to hear a chorus of heat pumps throughout the town.
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