A sudden storm knocked out power to the lake house

A sudden storm knocked out power to the lake house and it also took out half of Jim’s fence.

To be fair, his fence was already in pretty awful shape.

Half of the slats were missing and the bottom parts of the fence were covered with mold. It didn’t take an immense gust of wind to take down the fence. Jim lost about eight panels and two posts. He got in touch with a local fencing company. The folks were tied up and they did not get to Jim until a couple of afternoons later. One of them that was working on the fence suggested cool lighting for the pool. This woman said that she knew an electrical business that could hook Jim up with a nice pool lighting system. Jim opted to call the electrical business, because he doesn’t currently have any lighting out by the pool. There is a single light inside of the pool, however it is old and dingy. There is barely any light that comes out of it. Jim told the electrical business that he was given their name by that woman who was fixing the fence. She right away knew who Jim was talking about. Jim could tell that she liked that woman a lot, because this woman became friendly with him suddenly. She came out and gave him a bid and even offered to get started on the electrical work before Jim had all of the money for the job. Jim decided to pay for half the job up front and the other half when the job was completed

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