Mom was curious how whole-home air purifiers work

I’ve been planning to go visit my mom for several months.

But, it’s not been easy given how busy my schedule has become.

I was so happy when I got my promotion at work. This had been something I was working at for years, and it finally happened. However, it also meant I had bigger responsibilities, and more duties to perform. So, I found myself calling mom to tell her once more that I was going to have to cancel my trip. Mom sounded a little disappointed, but she also said she understood, and would make sure we saw each other soon. I didn’t take any meaning to those words until one evening I opened my front door when I heard a knock, and mom was standing there. Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks as we were embarrassed and got settled for the evening. My house felt better and mom was curious what had changed. I told her over the past years I hired an HVAC company to do some work. First, they changed the old HVAC system that was costing me a fortune in repair fees and parts. Then, I had the same people install a whole-home air purifier to improve the indoor air quality in my home. Mom was impressed and wanted to learn more about whole-home air purification systems. She’d been also thinking about replacing the HVAC back home, and she thought adding the whole-home air purifier would be a great touch. We talked a bit, and also did a little research online to better understand how whole-home air purifiers work. Mom was convinced and said she’d also get the same set up at home.

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