The new year came with a new position in the HVAC business

My role was to introduce new systems to the company and strategize marketing for them.

My HVAC repairman career has been interesting, and I have learned so much in the HVAC industry. I have witnessed the introduction of new HVAC technology by different HVAC brands and appreciated the efficiency with which they help with indoor comfort. Last year, I worked with some senior HVAC professionals to develop financial assistance for customers who came to us for quality HVAC systems. The financial program had to be beneficial to the customer and us. The program took four months to complete, and it entailed deep diving into the rules and regulations, and we changed our terms and policy. The top officials were proud of my dedication and worked so much, so they promoted me last week. The day started with my usual routine. I went through the scheduled jobs for the day and assigned each team their HVAC installation or HVAC maintenance jobs. I then went through the procurement request from our various HVAC providers and approved them. After confirming the number of HVAC units in our inventory, I received an email to join my boss in a meeting in the afternoon. The meeting would provide an update on how the newly-launched program was doing, or so I thought. My boss offered me the new position of director of new HVAC equipment at the HVAC business. My role was to introduce new systems to the company and strategize marketing for them. Some of these new systems would include thermostats, furnace filters, and main systems. This year is promising good things, and I am excited about it. My career is finally taking an upward trajectory, and I thank my mentors and the work I have put in.


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