Meeting weight loss goals with help of personal trainer

It’s been almost a year since my boyfriend proposed and I accepted.

I immediately began planning the wedding.

While we don’t want anything too expensive or elaborate, I certainly want to look and feel my best for our special day. I want to feel confident and proud of the photos. When we head off on our honeymoon, I am determined to be my best self. As soon as I began dress shopping, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror. I’d definitely gained quite a bit of weight over the last several years. With one year to lose that weight and tone my muscles, I realized that I required professional assistance. I joined a local gym and signed up for personal training. After completing a very lengthy questionnaire about my personality and fitness goals, I was paired with a personal trainer who turned out to be perfect for me. He is encouraging and supportive but never lets me be lazy or give excuses. I could never have pushed myself to such lengths on my own. I had no idea that I could accomplish so much in an hour’s time. I’ve not only gotten down to my goal weight, but I’ve built strength and stamina. I have more energy and a more positive outlook now. I’ve added all sorts of physical activity to my everyday life. I have discovered that I love to paddleboard, hike and rock-climb. My wedding is just one month away, and I’m excited to show off the new and improved me. I plan to keep my gym membership and continue working out with my personal trainer indefinitely.