Don’t cut corners with heating and cooling

Saving money and cutting spending is like a thing with me.

  • Wait, it’s more than a thing.

It’s closer to a constant habit and just a step away from an obsession. That’s probably a more apt description. My wife and I are lucky enough to live in a nice house with great quality heating and air. The house is nice and has all the conveniences one would expect. While we both have good jobs that help us maintain a nice lifestyle, it’s not like we have a ton of disposable income either. I like to be sure that we are putting away as much as possible each month in savings and investments. So that’s why I stay on top of our spending. The funny thing is that I don’t hate it. I actually find it to be challenging. The challenge is to be able to save money where we can while maintaining quality. That’s a tough one right there. There are nights inside the central air conditioning of my home that I comb through our budget looking for stuff to cut. A few times, my eyes have settled on what we spend on HVAC maintenance. We belong to the HVAC service plan provided by our HVAC company. This HVAC service plan is primarily focused on providing seasonal maintenance on the heating and cooling equipment. And this is where I always run up against making sure I don’t mess with the quality spending. Each time I look at the HVAC service plan, I know that this is not a place to cut corners because our HVAC equipment is just so essential.



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