Heads up from HVAC professional appreciated

You know, I’m just so thankful for some of the relationships in my life. I’m not talking about my family or friends so much. Of course, I’m super appreciative of those as well. No, I’m talking about the relationships that maybe I really hadn’t paid enough attention to in the past. A great example is the twenty plus years I’ve been doing business with our local HVAC company. As our little town has grown, so have the choices for heating and cooling service. There are other locally owned HVAC companies in town now as well as the big brands. But I never once considered going anywhere else than with the same HVAC professionals I’ve always dealt with. The main reason for that loyalty is a relationship. I know those HVAC professionals and they know me. It’s been nearly 25 years since we moved here and chose them for our quality heating and air care. We have never been disappointed in that choice. As a matter of fact, I’m going into the Spring feeling great because of a heads up I got from the HVAC technician last fall. That guy told me that the heat pump was on its last legs and would need to be replaced before too much longer. That heads up in the fall gave me the entire winter to meet with the HVAC contractor and get the new residential HVAC ball rolling. Now, I have the latest in residential HVAC along with a boatload of amazing HVAC technology. And I didn’t miss a beat thanks to the heads up I got from my loyal HVAC company.
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