My Wife and I are Going to Find a Home With a Better HVAC System

My wife and I are looking for a more energy efficient house.

We have been thinking about moving for a while now, but up until the last couple of weeks it was all just an idea that we had.

We had never thought about it seriously before, but after that I started to have all kinds of trouble with the heating and cooling plan in our house. I don’t know if the life expectancy of our heating and air conditioning unit was just up or what, but the whole thing seemed to stop working all at once. Back in the fall before the weather started cooling down too much, the HVAC system stopped working. We thought that we would just wait around on that and not get it repaired, because it was going to be winter soon anyway. However, the notion that we needed to get A/C service done was hanging over our heads. Then lo and behold, as soon as we needed to start running the oil furnace, the gas furnace stopped working too. Now, we are living in a beach house without a working A/C unit or a working gas furnace. Since we feel we are gonna have to spend a whole lot of money anyway, we went ahead and started looking for another house. If we could find a wonderful energy efficient home, we might just sell our old one without replacing anything. I’ve been thinking about finding a better energy efficient beach house anyway. The heating and cooling bills are too high here even when everything is working fine.

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