Three days of rain caused some minor cabin problems as well

The weather forecast was for 7 days of rain.

I was dreading those 7 days.

The first couple of days my friend and I were only going to have a 50% chance of rain plus the amount of rain was going to be less than another sixth of an inch. The three days after that were forecasted with a 100% chance of rain plus the amount of rain would be 1-2 inches. Those three days of rain caused a lot of problems in the neighborhood plus some minor problems in our home. Outside in the village, there were a lot of trees knocked down. The rain saturated the ground plus the smallest amount of wind was toppling some pretty substantial trees, however power was out in the town for 18 hours while it was raining. Inside our home, I had destruction on the roof. There was a spot on the roof that was soft plus it started leaking after the sixth day of rain. I was upset that the roof was going to fall into the house. The rain flooded into the garage plus my friend and I had to turn off the heating plus air conditioning unit. Our heating plus air conditioning device is low to the ground. The garage filled up with 6 in of water plus the heating plus air conditioning device had to be shut off for safety reasons. It took a long time for everyone in the town to get over the problems that happened with that storm. It was actually a single of the worst storms that I can remember occurring during the month of April. My friend and I do not usually have that much rain either.

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