The cabin was cheap because I had to spend money for heating

After I turned 18, I decided to find a site of our own.

I had a task that was part-time. When university was finished, I went to full-time work plus the boss let me work as many hours as I wanted. Some weeks I was working 60 hours plus making a ton of money with all of the overtime shifts. I looked at a lot of apartments in the section when I had saved some money. Most of the apartments were around $500 every month for a single family room. The $500 biweekly fee included trash, sewer, plus heat. It was important that the fees for the cabin included heat, because it can cost a fortune to heat up another cabin in this section of the country. I found a single cabin that was only $350 a month. It was a couple of blocks away from our task so I went to look at the site. I was surprised that it was finally furnished. There was a small bed inside of the family room in addition to a desk plus a lamp. The kitchen had a table with 2 chairs plus inside of the kitchen there was a TV with a small lay plus a small sofa. I was surprised that everything was available for only $350 a month. I knew there must be a catch, so I tried to ask a lot of questions. I didn’t notice any radiator furnaces or anything else in the apartment. I asked if he was included plus that is when I found out about the catch. There was also entirely no heat in the apartment. The only way that I could heat up the site was going to be with space heaters.


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