My handyman is pretty enjoyable with HVAC systems

Jones has been my handyman for the last few years.

  • He is retired, and enjoys doing handyman labor to keep himself busy.

Jones is not particularly fast, but he is skilled, and knows how to repair things. It turns out there are some tasks that Jones can’t handle. Maybe he is getting too old. It’s really sad, because now I’m going to have to find someone else I can rely on, but recently I had a problem with the ceiling in my dining room. It was starting to sag along 1 edge, and I was fearful the ceiling might collapse on top of me during lunch. Jones took 1 look in the attic and told me I needed to call an HVAC professional. This was weird, because Jones had diagnosed my heating and cooling system various times over the years. He was not HVAC certified but knew his way around a gas furnace. Jones explained to me that he was smart enough to think about his own limitations, and while he could repair some problems with an air conditioner, other things were too advanced for him. This is also why he preferred laboring with older model natural gas fuel furnaces and the like, because that was the technology of his generation. The last A/C issue I had was something he had no method to fix, so he was honorable about that. At least Jones was able to recommend a reliable HVAC business for me to call. This dealer won’t be as cheap as Jones is, but I think I’ll get the best possible price.

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