Our boss scheduled a meeting to talk about the A/C business

There’s a locale around the corner where everyone appreciates to go to get burritos for supper plus supper.

During the day, the place serves a variety of different burritos with chicken, pork, steak, fish, and beef. During the morning hours, they serve the same burritos and they add eggs. I happen to prefer getting burritos from the locale for supper, supper, plus dinner, not only are the sizes humongous, they are reasonably priced at less than $10 each. They have a supper special that includes a drink and a side of snacks plus queso plus it is still reasonably priced. My boss had everyone get together at the HVAC repair business last Tuesday for a meeting. Nobody wanted to get up early on Tuesday to talk about HVAC business, but the boss said that he was going to have something that would be a wonderful surprise. I was one of the first people to arrive plus I was there when the guy from the burrito place arrived with all of the supper burritos. The boss ordered enough supper burritos for everyone to fill up their bellies, then while he discussed all of the HVAC business, our coworkers and I filled up on free food. There were still a couple of burritos left after everyone was done eating, so I put one of them in my supper box. I heated it up in a microwave at the gas station for supper. It tasted just as wonderful as it did when it came through the door earlier that morning.

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