My bedroom air quality can be improved

I haven’t been feeling great lately.

I cough, I feel stuffed up and just really tired.

It’s weird because I feel a little better as the day goes by and I eventually forget about it. Then the next morning happens and the process restarts. I forgot how long this has been going on but I have been feeling worse as time goes on and I’m probably going to have to schedule a doctor’s visit as I don’t know what is happening with my system. My friends see me extremely exhausted when I get to work and they think I have either smoked a carton of cigarettes or I have gone out partying and trying to recollect myself. Going out and drinking or whatever would be really expensive. I don’t have the type of funds to do that and I can see why they think I would do that since my girlfriend and I broke up over a month ago. I went to the pharmacy to look into getting some new meds before I schedule a doctor’s visit to see if something new to take would help. I explained to the pharmacist what was going on and they suggested maybe I should try an air purifier. She said that the air quality in my room might be the reason for me feeling awful and these meds might help but probably not overall. She said maybe my air filters need to be cleaned and possibly asking an HVAC expert to look into it. She says she knows a little about it since her husband works for the HVAC company. I didn’t really think of this and definitely will look into it!