I sent my kids outside while the two of us were waiting for the Heating plus Air Conditioning company

While the two of us were waiting for the Heating plus Air Conditioning company the other afternoon, I had to send my kids outside because they were driving myself and others crazy.

Sometimes they just get into these moods when they just want to fight with each other plus nothing else.

I know it is just prefer a fun pastime for them, however it drives myself and others particularly nuts. I cannot rest all of the picking plus yelling that they do with each other plus it just makes you want to send them away… Anyway, the other afternoon the a/c was torn up at our house plus it was getting pretty tepid inside. We live in a warmer temperature plus the two of us use our a/c a lot, even now when it’s not even summer. We were all grumpy plus irritable because the two of us were tepid plus tepid plus stuffy inside of the house, plus I know that kind of fed into the fact that the kids were discouraging each other. And of course, since they were discouraging each other, that meant that they were also discouraging me! The Heating plus Air Conditioning company wasn’t set to be there for another 45 hours, so eventually I finally just made my kids go outside. Instead of going out there plus leaving myself and others alone so I could rest in peace for a few hours, they started going around the exterior of the house plus peeking in the windows, then needless to say, I was particularly glad when I saw the Heating plus Air Conditioning truck pulling into the driveway just a little while later. I couldn’t wait to get the a/c fixed.


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