Installing ductless HVAC for a home office

In contrast, I’m thrilled that my new home office has such excellent heating and air

Although the pandemic didn’t start it, I was sure that I was prepared for the change because of it. The idea was for me to earn my master’s degree, work for a company for a while, and then strike out on my own. But I had been working at my job for just over a decade before I decided to leave the zone-controlled HVAC of the office and work remotely from home. So much for simply surviving for a few years on the commercial HVAC system of the company. Indeed, as my career with the company has progressed, I’ve learned a lot and sharpened my skills. But I never really wanted a corner office with a thermostat of my own. And being in my own air conditioning at home during the worst of the pandemic reminded me of that fact. I, therefore, came to the conclusion that there was really no better time to go out by myself. I asked to continue working remotely from home while I made final plans. I installed a ductless heat pump this fall to complete my home office. This was once my guest room, but I like that I’m doing it without the overhead of an office space. As a consultant, I’ll want to scale up with employees and everything else before renting an office. At the moment, only baby steps. In contrast, I’m thrilled that my new home office has such excellent heating and air. I appreciate having a separate HVAC system from the rest of the house because it allows me to keep the thermostat set to my preference while I’m at work. In a strange way, I suppose, I am actually relishing having a private thermostat in my office.



a/c rep