Repairing poor HVAC techniques

I’m through playing.

  • That is exactly how I feel about our home’s cooling system.

Just being aware of the thermostat and HVAC equipment is really all I’m asking, in my opinion. If we aren’t careful, we wind up with summer utility bills that are astronomical. That simply doesn’t happen anymore. I’ve begged and reasoned with my family. It seems to enter the kids’ ears and exit the other. But even my wife, who concurs with my premise, has been known to let the cooling go out of control. I’ve pleaded for assistance with the air conditioning for years at family meetings and even by visiting each member personally. But nothing alters, and by August my utility bills have skyrocketed because no one but me takes the thermostat seriously. This year, that has changed. It has actually already changed. My family is simply unaware of it at this time. When the HVAC professional came out to perform the heating maintenance late last fall, I had a smart thermostat installed. Naturally, there isn’t much demand for heating down here, so I’m not worried about that. I am aware that I can lock everyone else out of the manually operated thermostat with the smart thermostat, though. As March approaches, I can’t wait to witness the first instance when someone tries to turn the air conditioning down but is unable to. I’m on the verge of installing a video camera so I can record the event. I will now be the only person with access to the code needed to turn the smart thermostat on manually. I made an effort to persuade my family, but now I’m just going to change our bad HVAC practices.



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