She won't let me touch the thermostat

The more I think about it, the more I really do think my girlfriend is absolutely crazy.

She’s extremely possessive over…the thermostat? I have no idea why she is like this but she’s been this way ever since we started dating because she has to have her temperatures a certain way. I thought at first she just had a really specific temperature preference, that was until we made the mistake of moving in together and I realized that I wasn’t even allowed to touch the thermostat at all. If I even attempted to change the temperature to something I was comfortable with she would yell at me. That is how I know that I was in an unhealthy relationship because I couldn’t even feel comfortable in my own home around here. There was one time that it was a really hot summer day out and the air conditioning system wasn’t running so I turned on the AC. She likes to keep the house at 78 degrees, even in the summer. I turned down the temperature by one degree to 77. When she found out about this she absolutely lost it and we came to a major argument with me. That was the day that I had enough and I walked out and I wasn’t going to continue to live with someone that wouldn’t even let me be comfortable in my own home. I’m doing much better on my own now with my own heating and AC system but I can talk to any temperature I like.

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