Helping a neighbor with her air conditioner

My neighbor has been having trouble with her air conditioning system. She’s a really nice, sweet old lady that’s always doing nice things for the community. So she was having trouble with her air conditioning system. I couldn’t afford to have it fixed. I felt like I had to help her. This is especially true because I am a heating and cooling technician and I’ve been working in the HVAC industry for the better part of 20 years now. She knew how I was but I don’t think she knew that I was a heating and she worked. When I went over to her place I knocked on her door and asked her if she was looking to have her air conditioning system up. And she told me yes, I said I’d be willing to repair her air conditioning system for free because she’s such a nice person. She seemed surprised and asked me if I was a heating and technician and I told her yes I worked for an HVAC company. She was very happy when I offered to take care of her air conditioning system and she told me that the problem was that it was no longer producing any colder. She would put her hand in front of the air vent and only warm air was blowing out. She was really nervous and worried that this was something serious, but I took a look at her air conditioning system and was sure. It was in perfect condition. All that it was was that it needed some more freon. Luckily because I’m a heating and AC technician I was able to get some and once I added it to her air conditioning system it was ice cold once again. She was thrilled when she felt the nice and cold air. Now she could relax and enjoy her home again without having to feel hot all the time.

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