HVAC maintenance while I was out

I encountered the most extraordinary man about a year ago.

  • We fell in love and have been a couple ever since.

With him, my entire existence has changed for the best. I work as an HVAC technician for a well-known HVAC company in the city, while he owns a woodworking business. When morning finally arrived, the mother’s affable disposition helped me relax, while the father’s never-ending dad quips kept me in fits of laughter. Being in their company was a breath of pure air. As my friend and I continued to date, we realized that our skills were complementary. He constructed and maintained the furniture in my condo, while I was responsible for the HVAC installation and maintenance at his and his parents’ residences. No one was surprised when my friend and I moved in together, and because I traveled frequently for work, we were able to occasionally give each other space. Once, I was transferred to a different city to attend a conference hosted by one of the nation’s most renowned HVAC manufacturers, and a component of my HVAC system malfunctioned. My man called me because he needed immediate assistance with indoor comfort. I attempted to contact a familiar HVAC technician for maintenance and repair assistance, but he was unavailable. I contacted the local business and received the required assistance. I contacted my companion and informed him that assistance was on the way. It turned out that the ductless heat pump required a tune-up and replacement of the air filter. Additionally, the HVAC technician discovered that the problem originated from the control component he had repaired.


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