Our roof nearly blew completely off during the storm.

Last month’s hurricane took us by surprise, then the weather forecaster said Kim and I could see wind gusts over fifty five miles per hour, but my buddy and I knew the one gust was much stronger than that.

  • Kim and I have a lot of wind sheer where Kim and I live, as well as the latest sheared half our roof off.

They told us it wasn’t a hurricane, but winds actually removed the roof! Alas, being told this made little difference… Regardless of the reason, Kim and I had to have the roof replaced. Kim called our homeowner’s insurance as well as once the insurance adjuster looked at the roof; he told Kim to get someone to the household as well as they would pay for the repairs! Now, Kim and I have another problem. The nearest appointment my buddy and I could get was two weeks out, as well as it was supposed to rain soon. I called one of the local Amish roofing companies, who took the time to come to my household as well as provide us a price quote to replace the roof. It was more overpriced than what the insurance adjuster had estimated, but Kim and I needed to have the roof put on. Two afternoons later, even though rain was falling, there were three younger men jumping around on our roof as well as completing the replacement. It blew me away to see how quick and simple they made it look to go from side to side on the roof, as well as not fall off, but when they were complete, I called the insurance company as well as sent them the bill, however even though it was much higher than they expected, they paid the entire roofing bill. Kim and I didn’t get any rain in our house, which made me glad.

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