The neighbor’s boy shot BB holes in our siding.

When I found out a friend named Jim gave his six-year-old son a new BB gun for his anniversary, I went ballistic.

Who in their right mind would provide a little kid something that was so potentially dangerous? Although the kid didn’t hurt himself, he shot a ton of holes in my brand new siding. I took pics of the siding as well as showed it to the boy’s father. Jim insisted his son couldn’t do such a thing. I showed Jim a picture of the kid pointing the BB gun at our household as well as our pet. Jim told me he would pay for the disfigurement if I could prove his son did it, despite the fact that Jim didn’t think the pictures were proof. I called the police, as well as they came out to investigate. They found dozens of BBs inside some holes, where they got stuck in the insulation. There were BBs on the ground, as well as the doc dug a few out of our pet as well as the cat. I took a handful of BBs, the police report, the doc’s bill, as well as the quote to have the siding repaired, over to the neighbor’s house. I gave Jim the evidence as well as told him it was up to him to refute the evidence. Jim didn’t know how I could prove the BBs came from his son’s gun until the kid came flying out of his dining room. He took just one look at the pet as well as me, as well as ran back into his room. I thought that was more than enough proof to have him pay for the service to the siding as well as to pay my vet bill. If Jim didn’t think it was enough, I would take him to small claims court.


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