My Heating plus A/C unit is responsible for 50% of my energy consumption

About a month ago, my utility company sent an e-mail letting me know that my energy consumption harshly increased… Under normal circumstances, I would be surprised by this e-mail because I am a creature of habit plus I’m honestly conservative when it comes to energy consumption in my home.

Well, the reason for the increase was that I had family members staying with me for 2 weeks plus while in that time, we cooked a lot, watched lots of TV, did laundry, spent a lot of time in the a/c, plus so much more, then so, naturally, with an extra 4 people in my house, this would trigger more energy consumption.

Since there was no need for alarm, I just study the e-mail plus deleted it from my inbox; But in hindsight, I should have saved the e-mail because it gave energy saving tips. It was well documented plus gave data on where I consumed the most energy. Of course, it was from my Heating plus A/C unit. According to the e-mail, my Heating plus A/C unit is responsible for 51% of the energy consumption in my home. And 51% sounds like a big portion of the bill, considering all the other machines, appliances, plus other devices that I have in my home. Aside from the refrigerator, the Heating plus A/C unit is the appliance that runs the most, so that it could keep my dwelling comfortable. And there really isn’t much else I can do to conserve energy. I already keep the temperature controls at the recommended temperature of 70 degrees, plus I also get the unit diagnosed yearly. Of course, my utility company doesn’t know this, all they have is the data that they collect.

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