Her household needed help with the indoor air

A neighbor of mine was having a concern with her indoor air quality; She kept asking me for advice on how I could take care of my indoor air quality but the concern was that every time I gave her advice she would not listen to the advice I’d give her! How is she supposed to take care of her indoor air quality if she won’t listen to what I am telling her? The answer is she can’t.

I told her that she should have her air duct looked at by my professional Heating plus AC worker.

I even recommended her the name plus the supplier that I go with because I’ve been using them for 5 years now plus they’ve been wonderful for me. This heating plus AC company has wonderful prices, plus wonderful patron service. I’ve always had a positive experience with them plus so that’s why I would highly recommendedthem to anybody else, however but she does not even want to have a heating plus AC worker come out there. She’s completely convinced that the heating plus AC gentlemen were just going to try to sell her things that she does not need. I don’t know how she is ever expecting for her indoor air quality to get any better if she does not put any effort into changing it. I told her to try a unusual kind of air filter then she refuses to use an air filter. I guess she’s a lost cause. So I told her that if she wants me to help her with her heating plus AC system she’s going to have to listen to me plus if she wasn’t wanted to listen to me then she was just going to have to deal with having poor indoor air quality because there wasn’t anything else that could be done for it.



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