Air conditioning company party

Today is an exciting day because I bought some new apples at the store that I have never heard of before.

They seem to be really firm and crisp, so hopefully they taste as good as they look and will go well with my kefir each morning.

It is Saturday and I am going to work for a few hours and then bring my chair to the sand and park there for the rest of the day. I think my friends will be out there today playing some ball so maybe I will join them for a game. Energy saving tips is what I am reading about right now online and I am going to try and get my power bills down some and pocket the money like my HVAC rep did recently. I am also working more and am going to slowly build a buffer in the bank again, a buffer that was wiped out by some untimely investments on my behalf. Today I will go to the heating supplier to hang out and talk with the HVAC specialist about my energy saving plan and see what kind of tips they can give me. After that, I will hit the beach and have a nice relaxing day with my buddies on the shore. I need to also get a HEPA filter at the store and I am hoping that the HVAC rep can give me a discount if I buy a few at a time. It isn’t a big deal if not because they really don’t cost that much.
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