I bought space at the office building for the HVAC business

I started my own HVAC repair and installation business last year and the business has really taken off.

I thought I was going to be able to work from home for the first couple of years, but I can’t handle all of the phone calls.

I had to hire someone to answer the business calls. At first I was paying that person to work from home, but then I knew it was going to be necessary to have space for the HVAC repair and installation business. I looked around at all of the different office spaces that were available and many of them were far too expensive for me. I did find space at one particular office building that was a good price, but it was on the outskirts of town. When I couldn’t find anything else, I had to take the space at the office building. I signed a lease for 2 years and I paid for everything up front. For the next two years I will be able to work out of the business. I had to hire someone different to answer the business calls, because the original person did not want to drive to the location of the office. It would have been a 30-minute commute every morning and she was used to working from home. It was not hard to find someone else to work at the HVAC repair and installation business. In fact, I found a very nice guy that used to be in the business but is now disabled. He lives close and he knows a lot about the business so that will be helpful when people call.

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