We were simply getting ready for our annual household inspections.

Every year, we had to do annual household inspections to make sure our properties were government compliant, my associate and I had a new household supervisor in place this year, which I hoped would be more diligent in her pre-inspections than our last household supervisor; then during last year’s annual household inspections, we were cited for three major problems that could have been handled with little fuss if she had caught them on her pre-inspections… Being the handyperson, I could point out things she overlooked, however I couldn’t fix them without having her written authority to do the repairs.

This last household supervisor was a real pistol.

She offered me a list of over twenty things that needed to be dealt with before the state inspectors came in. And then some were as minor as pencil holes in the laundry room ceiling, to leaking bathtubs in the apartments. I had various lightbulbs not toiling, and a major repair that had to do with rat droppings and chewed electrical lines. I had less than seventy-two hours to make all the repairs, and contact exterminators and electricians to do what I couldn’t. I was basically glad she was diligent in doing the pre- inspections before the annual household inspections were done, however I wished she hadn’t waited so long to do it. I could have used a week or more to get all the work done. She then congratulated me for doing such a nice job in the repairs and asked if I had anything to address. I asked her if we could do two pre-inspections; one a month before the annual household inspections, and one to make sure I had completed her to-do list.


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