I opted to get a portable A/C for my old work van

It’s been thrilling to launch my own plant business. It’s strange to think about now, but I’m doing well, and the future looks promising, even though I was a hotel worker before the pandemic. Even though this wasn’t my ideal way to make a living, at least it allowed me to keep the lights on. I had a nice apartment with lots of windows and a few houseplants, but after I lost my job and found myself with too much free time on my hands, I started documenting my plants through photography and video. People started following me on social media and asking if they could buy some plants, so I kept adding more and more each week. That’s how I got my start in the houseplant business; later, I opened a little shop in the town center, but these days, I just use an old van to transport plants to my customers across three states. The air conditioning in my van broke down last summer. Unfortunately, I lacked the resources to have the air conditioning in my van fixed at the time. As a result, I decided to install an air conditioner in my van using the one I had in my condo. For two months, until I could get my van’s AC fixed, that portable A/C kept me cool. The van’s cooling system was fixed for a reasonable price by a guy I found who also owned an auto repair shop. Since the problem was limited to the wiring, he didn’t have to replace the whole part, which saved me some good cash.


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