The landlady kept her word and had the furnace fixed

When I moved my family for work, we looked for a condo with multiple living areas. I’ve raised three kids on my own and am seeing some success in my professional life. But I didn’t want to uproot my family and leave them behind in the modern metropolis. After discussing it with a friend, I settled on finding a large condo to rent on the outskirts of town to accommodate everyone. The afternoon and evening commute would be 45 minutes longer because of this, but it was still manageable. Since their father’s departure, my friend and I have discovered our resilience and are making the most of every opportunity. I was able to locate the perfect apartment to rent online before moving, and my friend and I both agreed that it was the best choice after we arrived at our new location. But the first week I was there, the furnace stopped working. The landlady was the nicest person ever, always eager to have any problems addressed immediately. When my friend and I first moved in, it was late fall, and the afternoons were starting to get chilly. The first week it was used to heat the rental condo, it functioned as expected, but after that, it began to malfunction. The landlord suggested I try resetting the thermostat, but that had no effect. So, she said she would have someone come fix the broken air conditioner or heater. The furnace was repaired the following afternoon when a professional in the field of heating and air conditioning visited the condo. Our apartment finally felt warm and toasty again, and I was relieved to find that the landlord had kept her word.

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