We hoped the condo wasn’t too far for the heating expert

Late last year, my buddy and I got into some pretty wild behavior.

We made the decision to buy a condo in the dead of winter.

Joel and I had often discussed the possibility of purchasing a remote cabin or condo. We’d put in for an option on a piece of land with appealing scenery, and maybe even end up with a few acres. Joel and I were raised together, and our parents shared a passion for exotic vacations. Spring, summer, fall, or winter made no difference to them. They take a two-week vacation once or twice a year, somewhere nice. Away from the city’s bright lights and bustling streets, they said the break helped clear their heads. Now that my childhood friend Joel and I are adults, we can finally appreciate the importance they placed on these outings. My friend and I wanted to give other people the same opportunity. As a result, my friend and I set out to find a condo that would work within our price range and we were able to do so. After deciding to spend the winter there, my roommate and I had to figure out the heating situation. Since Joel and I both do remote work, my friend and I decided that winter would be a good time to check out the cabin. However, without adequate heating, life in that area would be intolerable. Our inquiries in a nearby town led us to the contacts of a local heating and air conditioning company. My friend and I decided to call a heating expert to come to our condo, and we hoped they wouldn’t have to travel too far. My friend and I were fortunate enough to be located within the Heating and A/C company’s service area, so they dispatched a heating expert to assist us.


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