We had to get a central HVAC system for our second home

Owning a second home has always been part of our investment plan. However, we didn’t see eye to eye on which type of home to get. I wanted a cabin somewhere remote and beautiful with bears all around. My partner, on the other hand, wanted a lake house. There was an exclusive lake house community with an HOA she’d been eyeing, and she was convinced that was the best place. Naturally, as the man of the house, I agreed that the lake house was the best option for a second home. Look, I have been married for close to three decades, and I know when to put up a fight, and when to shake my head in agreement. Plus, she was right about the lake house being the best option since it checked all the right boxes as an investment property. After we bought it, we had to carry out a few renovations which included adding a new HVAC system. The previous owners had a HVAC system, but it had been in the house for close to 15 years. They claimed the unit was still in the best condition but we thought it was best to start afresh. So, the old HVAC system plus several other appliances in the house had to go. We also thought about redoing the deck so it would have a more rustic look while overlooking the magnificent lake. My partner got in touch with a local heating and cooling business and they came over to do an inspection. After that, we got a quote from the professional, and work began to replace the aging HVAC system in our new lake house.

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