My teacher’s partner is a heating and AC technician

My English teacher has been trying to convince me to study literature once I get to university. Perhaps I can also try a writing course because she says my work is so good. When I joined the school a year ago, I felt so odd. As the new kid, I hardly spoke to anyone and I did my best not to stand out. One time, our teacher gave us an assignment to write a short story. I thought she’d specify what topic, but she left that up to each student. The goal was to test our writing skills and see how far we’ve come. Well, I thought long and hard about the topic, and thought of narrating more about my experience at the new school. After she took a look at our work, she asked me to stay back after class, and that’s when she asked me to consider a career as an author. Since then, I’ve been close with my English teacher, and even been to her house for extra lessons. She works as a teacher at our school, and her partner is a heating and AC technician. One time we were all talking, and the heating and AC technician explained why he chose a career in heating and cooling. By the time he was finishing high school, he didn’t know which path to take. His dad was a plumber, and had some friends who were heating and AC technicians. My teacher’s partner proceeded to tell me that he worked part time for one of them and that’s when he decided he’d also want to become a heating and AC tech. I think I’ll turn that into a short story for my teacher as well.

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