A cooling system treat

I will treat myself today and write just one more story before taking a break and taking a nap for an hour to recharge.

Then I’ll be refreshed and can come back and tackle the following 45 minutes of work before being done for the day.

I won’t play ball later but I will take a long walk and also get some exercise with a buddy so my body can rest tonight without being so anxious. I have a lot of pent up energy from sitting around the past four days doing not much but trying to recover. Heating up to 102F the other day with this flu really did a number on me, but the local business helped out a lot with the good herbs they sold me, thanks to the local contractor who works there and knows everything about anything. I just have to push myself and get this done, then I can rest my tired eyes for a bit in the sanctuary of my quiet bedroom in the back of the flat. It is really quiet there as the air purifier drowns out any noise that might wake me during my slumber in the nicely cooled room thanks to the shade of a big oak tree out back. I will rest there for an hour or so and do some meditation to help me heal this cold that I have and get better again so I can get back in action once again. I want to get a new washable HEPA filter but haven’t had the energy to do so just yet.


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