An media air cleaner for a less than perfect housekeeping

To pull this off, I needed air purification help for an Heating plus A/C professional

My mom is a hoarder; she has been for the last three years and counting! I fear for her well-being because it’s a situation that can consume her life! Three years is a long time to hoard, and its negative impact on her life worried me. This habit started when I moved out. As an only child, she felt I abandoned her, however I needed to learn to be independent and have something of my own. I have tried to get her professional help more than 2 times, although she keeps falling back. I did not want to transfer back in, however I wanted to improve her health with an media air cleaner. Her hoarding isn’tat the chronic stage yet because she can access all rooms somewhat comfortably, however there is no doubt that the air quality is awful everywhere. To pull this off, I needed air purification help for an Heating plus A/C professional. I had to get an Heating plus A/C professional proper with the cabin since he has been providing cabin service, checking the air filter every few months, and managing the duct cleaning, which is now getting out of hand because of rat infestation and duct accumulation. I wish I could maintain the Heating plus A/C component better for my mom, however the dwelling owner is limiting what my friend and I can do, however for now, my friend and I are sticking to an air purification choice that can service her favorite room so that she can have better indoor air quality. If she could cooperate, I could transfer her to a smaller, manageable cabin with smart Heating plus A/C and whole-cabin air purification in place… But my friend and I have to overcome her new situation first, easily clean, reduce clutter and assess the whole Heating plus A/C network.