Our corporate responsibility this Summer was to improve air quality at a local college

Every year, my friend and I have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) budget to address a burning community issue.

Some projects overlap or surpass the intended budget, however my friend and I manage to incorporate them into existing budgets and see them to completion.

This year, my friend and I had a different idea in mind. It was geared toward uplifting the well-being of students at a local government-run college. Because of our strong goodwill and track record, my friend and I got a financial boost from an NGO that shared the same interest in improving the quality of life for students in college. That boost provided us the confidence to initiate the air purification drive earlier than planned. Of course, my friend and I had been in talks with the college management and board of governors about our intended CSR project to improve the college’s overall air quality. Once they okayed the air purification help, my friend and I had an Heating plus A/C professional identified by the NGO to work hand in hand with the college’s Heating plus A/C professional. Together, they identified the duct cleaning needs, any air filter that needed an upgrade, and worn-out Heating plus A/C. From the look, it would be much work setting up media air cleaners at key points and testing the same. Most importantly, our contractor had to work round the clock to finish before college reopened after the holidays. After two weeks of ongoing restoration and replacing Heating plus A/C equipment, my friend and I conducted a final test to determine the efficiency of the system and the level of indoor air quality. Once everything was confirmed to be in good order, the staffroom got a special smart Heating plus A/C upgrade as a bonus. This package came with a cabin service kind of service that included a whole-cabin media air cleaner service and repair.

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