The crazy life of a cooling worker songsian

Is your life mundane and boring, or do you live on the razor’s edge like I do? I have a pretty cool life, not boring by any standards, but living this way can also be a bit hectic at times.

I just found out my task is ending in a week for this company in town and now I am going to have to find something else.

Luckily, my bills are quite low and I am able to live on easily little money. But still, I need to make about $1000 a month to barely skim by. My temperature control system is keeping us cozy in this flat but it isn’t free as cooling and heating bills must be paid each month. I am going to labor this week as proper and then next week I am going to put my energy into finding another source of income. I feel if I labor at the Heating plus A/C company a bit more in this other town I can cover my a/c bills this summer. I know that it all works out and that staying calm is the best way to get through a strenuous situation, as a clear mind makes the best decisions. At least my whole-apartment air purifier is keeping the indoor air quality great while I do my thing. There is always a solution and when your mind is calm and quiet it comes up with the best answers. I will take my mind off this by cleaning my cooling system system’s washable filter and going for a little swim in a bit.


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