I'm fatigued of the window a/c

I’ve been using a window a/c unit for the past year and while it was still great while it lasted I am now looking to move on to something else, then i have already decided what it is I want to move on to next and I have made up my mind that I want to move on to a ductless mini split a/c unit, then a ductless mini split a/c unit isn’tthat much unusual than any window a/c unit except it’s much nicer, it does cost a little bit more money after heating and A/C companies but it is better quality and last longer than I went over a/c unit that I just like I ductless mini split A/C better, even though I do not have one of my own, I know what they are like because I have a neighbor that has one and she uses hers all the time and they are an amazing little system.

I’ve been looking at ways in which I can save money on my heating and cooling bills and other ways is to not use your central heating and cooling system as much or even at all.

I stopped using my central heating and A/C system a year ago and I’ve instead been using a space boiler and I was using a window A/C for my a/c so somebody now I am looking to replace to a ductless mini split A/C instead.

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