Never planning ahead

The people where I work never have a clue what they’re doing. I mean, if they even bother to think about it ahead of time, at all, they tend to make bad decisions and incomplete plans. They’re constantly dreaming up half-plans and then starting to execute them at the last moment when there’s no time to revise the poorly thought out scheme. If you need evidence of this, just take a look at our central heating and cooling system. We had to purchase this brand new ventilation equipment on the fly when our old heating and cooling plan broke down in the middle of the winter. Since we couldn’t entertain guests without adequate indoor air temperature control, we had no choice but to pull the trigger and purchase an expensive commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation system with no foresight. Of course, when you’re making decisions like this on the fly, you tend to overlook key details. As we hurriedly purchased and installed the heating and cooling system, we didn’t realize that it was actually large enough to service a much larger volume of indoor air. We let the HVAC technician upsell us an incredibly energy efficient and high powered heating, cooling, and ventilation plan – that was unfortunately designed for enormous industrial spaces. We didn’t realize the error until it was too late. Now, we’re stuck with this huge and unnecessarily powerful HVAC system at my tiny place of work. It costs a ton to operate every day and we need special HVAC technicians to perform routine services. Besides, it basically blows you away every time the air starts streaming.



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