Ants cause issues with water pump

He used a sheet of fine sandpaper to remove the debris and clean the wires

Until I retired from my job, I lived up north. The area is known for the severe winter weather. Temperatures below freezing are a problem for about half the year. The water heater, water pump and furnace were installed in the basement. I insulated the basement and frequently worried about pipes freezing. There were times when I hooked up a space heater to combat temperatures in the negatives. When I relocated to the south, I discovered that the majority of the houses don’t include basements. The water heater is typically installed into a closet in the house. The water pump often sits outside, exposed to the elements. The house I purchased has the water pump situated right in the middle of the front yard. It’s rather large, bright blue and not attractive. I’ve created a garden around the water pump to somewhat conceal it. About a year after I moved in, I turned on the tap for a shower and had no water whatsoever. I checked the pump but had no clue what to look for. Since I know absolutely nothing about how to solve plumbing problems, I called a professional plumber. He removed the covering off a small box beside the water pump where the start-up switch is located. He showed me that ants had built a nest inside. He used a sheet of fine sandpaper to remove the debris and clean the wires. After that, the pump started right up and I once again had plenty of water. Although I regularly spray for ants around the water pump, I’ve faced the same problem several times.