Why the Fahrenheit scale is better for Heating

I recently discovered something I hadn’t considered before, however i went overseas on a trip, but just about everywhere else in the world that you go, Celsius is the number one temperature scale… Fahrenheit is the temperature scale that I use in my native country, but the truth is that Fahrenheit is not used by truly multiple other countries. I actually think that’s a shame! When I went on trip to this far away country, of course, the air conditioning system inside of the hotel room used Celsius. I ended up using the internet to understand what temperature I was setting, because I never entirely became typical enough with converting Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa to be able to tell off the cuff what the temperature equivalents would be, however the last thing I wanted to do was try and use the formula I learned back in junior high! So, I used the internet. I thought it would be a easy matter, but my wifey and I discovered something interesting that was right out there in the open, but my pal and I never considered it. The Celsius temperature scale is less precise than the Fahrenheit temperature scale.
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