Going on a date as well as the room being warm

I thought that graduating university would be less stressful. I graduated from university last month, it is good to be back cabin with my family though. I do not have to do laundry by myself or try to figure out what to cook for lunch! Being cabin has allowed me to do my laundry with my parents as well as my parents will prepare lunch, however finding a task has been a little stressful! A lot of people says it takes longer than a month in trying to find a task as well as to not rush the process. But I am a genuinely impatient lady as well as I want to be able to have a permanent as well as full-time task right out of university. I recently went on a second interview with a dealer that I am regular of. I walked into their meeting room as well as what I noticed first when I walked in was the temperature. I was already anxious because my palms were hot. I was sitting there for 20 minutes while they were asking me questions as well as I could feel my palms producing sweat droplets. I could even feel my armpits getting moderate but it was a good thing that I was wearing a dark color shirt. I was hoping that the air conditioning system would have turned on, and unluckyly it did not while I was there. I didn’t even see air registers in the room that could have cooled it down. I left the interview feeling confident but also genuinely hot.

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