Being on an aircraft and it feeling muggy

Ever since I was young girl I regularly enjoyed to travel, and my parents regularly told me that I was a genuinely wonderful child when they used to fly when I was younger.

My parents also said that I was legitimately alert & outgoing to the other travellers around us.

My care about for traveling has grown sizablely. I have a task where I travel a lot, which allows me to see unusual locations & create numerous memories. When I travel I like to stand near the window of the plane. After I am seating I will instantly adjust the vent & turn the air that is coming out down! This is because I get frigid legitimately easily. I know that before the plane takes off there is heating & cooling that comes out of the vents. It amazes me that when my friend and I are thousands of feet above the air, the plane can heat & cool us passengers. However I’m not regularly 100% comfortable when I’m on the plane. There are times where I’ve awakened from my nap & have been frigid due to the vent blasting out cool air. I feel that it was a legitimately smart decision on whoever designed the aircraft to be able to control the amount of air that comes out of the vent above you. I make sure to change the vent adjustment to a legitimately low setting so not a lot of air is coming out. I care about traveling even though I wish there was more of an advanced & digital way to control the temperature in my seat while I fly.

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