Made a HVAC problem worse

I am a very particular person when it comes to buying things for my home. I guess you could say I got it from my dad. My dad is always doing work around his house. There have been times where my dad refuses to hire a contractor or a plumber to do maintenance or repairs. He has an “I will fix it all by myself” attitude. My dad thinks that he does more thorough work than some contractors who will come over to do a job. I can definitely see where he’s coming from because there are people like that. When it comes to my father’s heating ventilation and cooling system, he does call a local heating and cooling technician to come do the maintenance and repairs. My dad learned the hard way, and realized he didn’t have the knowledge he thought he had when it came to his HVAC system. My dad made a bigger HVAC problem by breaking another hvac part when he thought he was repairing it. My dad broke the cooling condenser while he was trying to repair it. Instead of just reaching out to a heating and cooling technician the first time, my dad went online to order a part. Turns out he bought the wrong part and when he went to turn on the air-conditioning system it wouldn’t turn on. My dad tinkered with the air conditioning system and cooling condenser for hours and still couldn’t find a solution. Instead of trying to fix the problem himself he finally called an hvac technician. After the hvac technician did some repairs and installed the correct cooling condenser part, the bill ended up being over $1,200. My dad wasn’t very happy but he learned that when it comes to a heating ventilation and cooling system it’s always best to call your local heating and cooling technician.

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