I Bought My Parents A Whole House Dehumidifier

When I went to visit my parents the other afternoon, I couldn’t believe how stuffy their air felt.

It had been raining for three days straight and the humidity levels were high.

It felt more humid inside my parent’s house than it did outside! In fact, it was so bad that their windows were foggy! The strangest part about this situation was that my parents didn’t seem phased at all. They were acting like it was perfectly normal to have foggy windows. When I questioned them about it, they said it was just because of the rain. This made me laugh, because windows don’t fog up due to rain. They fog up when there’s a problem with the air and humidity levels in their house. I told my parents that it was most definitely a problem with the humidity, but they acted like I was crazy! They were in denial, because they didn’t want to call a professional to come fix it. I don’t think they wanted to spend money on it either. Being the good daughter that I am, I got on my phone and searched the internet for a whole house dehumidifier. There were thousands to choose from, but I ended up selecting one of the top rated whole house dehumidifiers. The reviews were all amazing, and a lot of homeowners were saying that it removed moisture from the air within minutes. I knew this was what my parents needed. They were both really thankful to see the dehumidifier when it showed up at their door a week later.



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