I strive for great for air quality

When you have a day with great air quality, the best thing you can do is take a nice long walk in it.

  • That is what I do when we have the most amazing air quality days here in the south where I live.

It is undoubtedly rare that here in the south you get amazing air quality, it does happen from time to time, and when it does, you can bet I am out and about doing errands and taking long walks just to take in and enjoy the rare amazing air quality here in the south, however sporadically the air quality can be so great that I want to turn off my central heating and a/c system, open up the windows and let that great and amazing air quality flow right into my home. It helps reduce the use of my whole home air purification system that I have to run a lot out here in the southern part of the country in which I live. There is nothing in the world like great air quality. And that great air quality is something that I always thrive for and look forward to on the rare opportunity that it happens here in the southern part of the country where I live. Because air quality that is amazing and great improves your general quality of life too, then everything actually comes down to air quality when it comes to health and more. Including having lovely indoor comfort in your home and outside when you take those nice long walks in amazing air quality!

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