I Thought I Could Let The HVAC Technician In Virtually

My teenagers bought me an electric doorbell that has a camera and attachs to my home’s Wi-Fi.

Once they installed it to my front door, they downloaded the corresponding app to my cell phone and they showed me how to use it.

It was fascinating, because I could see motion at my front door and also communicate with anyone through the speaker. I also had the ability to unlock my front door from my cell phone. When I learned about this feature, I thought my life was going to get easier. I was tied up to have my HVAC system took care of one afternoon, although I had to step out for a few hours. I didn’t feel twice about leaving my house because I knew I’d get an alert when the HVAC professional arrived and I could unlock the door for him. When I finally acquired a notification about the HVAC professional, I unlocked the door and told him to come right in; However, the HVAC professional told me that he wasn’t allowed to enter my house unless I was there. I didn’t expect this! Thankfully, I wasn’t too far away and I was able to drive home. The HVAC professional was only waiting at my door for 10 minutes before I arrived. I apologized about the delay and I explained that I had no idea I had to be there for him to begin working on my HVAC system. He was understanding and told me that it was a liability issue.

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