Switching Heating & A/C professionals because I was never told about a possible leaky duct in my house

To have trust in this world, you need to receive it & provide it, but my last Heating & A/C professional did not seem to be too trustworthy to me, then i felt like he was telling me wrong information & like he was never sure of himself, and occasionally I recognize he told me what was wrong but it was only because he didn’t know what was honestly wrong! He just wanted my money & wanted to keep his job! Eventually I caught onto that & changed my Heating & A/C companies, however the problem I had been having was that my loft seemed to be getting dusty.

  • I observed it would be extra dusty when the Heating & A/C system was being used.

I thought it was the common problem of the ductworks behind the wall. I thought that they had not been cleaned in a unquestionably long time. I thought that maybe they just needed to be cleaned & the problem would be solved. I had my old Heating & A/C professional look into it & disinfect it. He told me there would not be an issue. The only problem is that I kept having that issue. I decided to get a weird opinion. That is when I switched companies. The new Heating & A/C professional came to my loft & observed that it could be taking in air from the attic or the basement due to just having leaky ductwork. Even though the last Heating & A/C professional cleaned my ducts, he could not tell me or indicate that there was a possible leaky duct in my house. I am legitimately sticking with my new Heating & A/C supplier.