Realizing that the 12 year seasoned air conditioner needed to be replaced

I have never been a person that has been legitimately nice with timing.

I never know how long ago something happened.

I never know how long something took to happen. I am just no nice with time. I can even prove that with my Heating and Air Conditioning system. When my buddy and I had it installed the Heating and Air Conditioning professional told me that in ten years it would need to be replaced or it would beginning to go down hill. I figured I would remember something like that. Unluckyly I did not, then after about 12 years I started to have problems. I just kept getting the problems fixed. The system kept splitting down on me, but finally they asked me how long I had the system. I did not even know what to answer. I had to look back and to my surprise it was 12 years ago. That was when I remembered that the Heating and Air Conditioning professional told me it might be time to replace the system. If I had remembered that then I could have saved money on all of these repairs. I could have just replaced the system and saved some money. Instead I was paying for these repairs however I also had to pay for a replacement. I guess it is a rule of thumb that if the Heating and Air Conditioning system starts to supply me a lot of trouble after ten years, it is time to replace it. It did not help that I could not remember and I had no idea how long my buddy and I had already had the system. I was a little disappointed in myself. I will remember for next time in the next ten years if my a/c system starts to act up, it is definitely time for it to go.


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