A smart control component in a dwelling

I always love going to other people’s homes and seeing what they have, then a lot of people have a lot more things than I do, and that is why I like to go to other people’s homes to see what they have, then recently I was at a friend’s dwelling who had a smart control unit… With this control component they were able to control the Heating plus Air Conditioning system with a remote or with their smartphone.

It was so cool to watch. As you controlled the control component on your smartphone you could see the control component on the wall change. I absolutely hope that one day they can come up with a voice-activated system. I think it would be a fantastic addition to the Heating and Cooling world, however for now I will love using the smartphone as a remote for the control unit, however she was telling me how she can control the temperature of her dwelling all the way from China. The only thing she would need is internet access on her smartphone. As long as she had internet attachion she would be able to change the temperature of her dwelling right away. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. She also told me how nice it is during the winter. She can make her dwelling warmer after she leaves work and make the dwelling cooler while she is at work. She enjoys this because it helps him to save money on her energy bills. Heat can be extravagant as the temperatures get colder, then so being able to control the control component from wherever you are is a crucial money-saver. I think I could get it for my dwelling sometime in the near future.

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